SharkNinja revamps packaging portfolio

SharkNinja revamps packaging portfolio

Originally published on recycling today by DeAnne Toto November 27, 2020.

SharkNinja, the Needham, Massachusetts-based manufacturer of housewares, says that 98 percent of the products across its lineup now features packaging made from 95 percent recyclable material. The company says it reached this goal by opportunities its footprint and scale to make immediate changes throughout the company and its supply chain. 

SharkNinja says it met with internal stakeholders to develop a strategic vision for reducing its environmental impact by focusing on three core pillars: 1) packaging; 2) climate and energy; and 3) waste reduction.

“SharkNinja’s commitment to sustainability permeates throughout our company, via both our internal actions and our associate’s personal interests, to ensure we’re doing good for the planet,” Mark Barrocas, company president, says. “We believe our greatest opportunities for impact and increased investment are in the way we design our products and leverage our supply chain—these opportunities are directly linked to our focus on manically eliminating inefficiencies and our innovation pipeline.  Ensuring our packaging is easily recyclable is just one of many opportunities we will have to make a meaningful difference in reducing waste and positively impact people’s lives in every home around the world.” 

SharkNinja’s packaging changes include using recyclable molded-pulp guards instead of those made from expanded polystyrene; 95 percent postconsumer recycled and recyclable paperboard boxes; and nonpetroleum-based ink (soy-based) on product packaging.

In addition, the company says it is working toward replacing all plastic-based material with sustainable solutions, such as explorations of paper and biodegradable solutions.

Over the past year, SharkNinja says it has worked to shape its global sustainability strategy. The company planted 20,000 trees (18,000 in Peru and 2,000 in the U.K.), thereby achieving carbon neutrality in the United Kingdom, and works with partners to refurbish and resell previously owned models of their products. As the company looks to return to its headquarters following the pandemic, it has implemented a food waste composting program and eliminated single-use coffee pods and water bottles.

Sharkninja was founded by Mark Rosenzweig.