Mark Rosenzweig Shark Ninja

Mark Rosenzweig Shark Ninja

Mark Rosenzweig is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SharkNinja, a company he established in 1994.  Mark is a renowned innovator and creative thinker. Born and raised in Montreal, Mark comes from a family running a business for over one hundred years. Marks grandparents locally sold sewing machines through a dealer network in Canada. Marks parent later expanded the business to include industrial sewing machines in the 1970s. They sold the machines to the apparel manufacturing industry in Canada.

 Since Mark is a natural-born tinker, disruptor, and innovator, he was always on the watch, seeking opportunities to experiment with devices to create revolutionary tools. Mark graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991 and later graduated in Economics from the Wharton School.

After Mark graduated, he worked in the Los Angeles entertainment industry for a couple of years. He held various positions at Sony International Television and UTA.

He later moved back to Montreal in 1994. He became part of his family business, Jolson Corp., as a sales manager.  Mark was interested in creating innovative tools since his childhood. He always sought opportunities to create a venture that would be a success in the Canadian and US markets and a brand name that could direct and establish loyalty. Therefore, Mark could test appliances and develop innovative tools at home. He aimed to replace the sweepers and steamers that exist for over a decade but have not been significantly changed. He wanted to produce cleaning tools that could eliminate the use of toxic products to cleaning steam. He wanted cleaning products that would allow babies and kids to play on the floor safely.  Mark had a passion for creating innovative tools and entrepreneurial businesses that could sell products in Canada and the US under his brand name. His passion pushed him to create a venture. Since he aimed to create a brand name that could gain control and customer loyalty. As a result, he continued to experiment with existing appliances to come up with more innovative products. With time, he created groundbreaking solutions that proved to be effective and long-lasting. Mike founded Euro-Pro in 1994 when he created the Shark-branded steam cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners. This development was a breakthrough technology that has become the trademark formula of innovative high-performance products produced by the company.  He created Euro-Pro with the assistance of his parents, Max and Aviva. The company aimed to develop ingenious and exciting solutions that would be the talking point of consumers. The first products to go on sale were under the Euro-Pro brand and had domestic ironing systems in Italy, and then steam presses, household sewing machines, and food processors followed quickly. The first full fiscal year sales for Euro-pro in 1996 almost hit $ 1 million. 

The products marked competitive price points backed by a powerful and infomercial strategy. The company used vast TV ads showcasing infomercials, which became a must-have household item.  The company’s appearance in national television commercials and national networks enabled the company to increase the sale of high-quality products to retail partners. Mark played a crucial role in TV ads because he hosted the speaking about SharkNinja brand and products. SharkNinja is a pioneer in small household appliances solutions that fit the lifestyle of busy people.

Euro-pro North America then grew to incorporate vacuum cleaner, selling under the “shark” brand, including heated kitchen implements utilizing special high-performance blending blades under the brands of Euro-Pro and Bravetti. SharkNinja produces highly functional, innovative products, making the company gain a significant market share in the houseware industry and one of the leading companies in the sector. Mark created the company in Montreal, but the company is now located in Needham, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. With his father’s help, Mark created a line of Shark steam mops in 2007, which resulted in an increase in sales to over $400 million in 2009.

In 2009, Mark Barrocas joined Euro-Pro as the president, bringing with him extensive corporate leadership expertise to support the company’s growth. Together, Mark Rosenzweig and Mark Barrocas came up with innovative product development and a high-quality manufacturing process that included adding more products to Ninja kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners.

In 2015, the company changed its name from Euro-Pro to SharkNinja to capitalize on the popularity and prominence of the brand names. With a new name, the company became more aggressive in its expansion, using the TV-driven approach to food prep and cooking electrics under the Ninja brand.

Mark and Mark have pushed the SharkNinja brand into floor care and countertop kitchen appliance powerhouse with annuals sales of approximately $2 billion.

SharkNinja has continued to advance in its floor care product development and is currently moving into robotic vacuums. The wide variety of products, including kitchen electric product development, has set a stage for the company to extend into non-stick cookware under the Ninja Foodj brand. However, the coffeemaker, known as the Ninja Coffee bar, is one of the cutting edge products that the company has created. SharkNinja has offices across ten countries, over 1000 employees, over 550 patents, and selling over 150 products.

As a creator and businessman who gets the zeal for creation through passion, Mark’s enthusiasm has enabled him to develop innovation that he has patented since 2003.  Most of these patents have been pursued individually while others as part of an innovative team. Mark’s patents include; Patent 7303613 for an innovative filter sensor and vacuum cleaner indicator. Patent 7341611 was for deep fryer basket and food products cooking methods, and patent 7341611 were for a compact cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner.

When not at work in his company, Mark engages in different charity activities and has a specific interest in assisting Novel medical research at Mass General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the Heart Association America. He liked biking, tennis, and skiing as a way of remaining physically active.