Mark Rosenzweig

Mark Rosenzweig

Mark Rosenzweig is the founder of SharkNinja, a company that was established in 1994. SharkNinja is a leading manufacturer of innovative cleaning solutions and small household appliances. Born in Montreal, Canada, Mark comes from a family that has been in business for over one hundred years. He is a third generation of the family. Mark is an innovator, inventor, creator, and an entrepreneur who is naturally a tinkerer. Currently, Mark lives in the Boston area.

Mark graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1991. He also graduated from Wharton school with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He moved to Los Angeles after his graduation to work in the entertainment industry. While in Los Angeles, he held various posts at Sony International Television and UTA.

Mark went back home in 1994 to be the sales manager in his family business, Jolson Corp. The company is based on his grandparents’ business in the 1970s. Marks grandparents, Benjamin and Miriam Jolson, sold sewing machines through a Canadian merchant network, which resulted in the creation of Jolson Corp in 1954. During the 1970s, Marks’ parents expanded the home sewing machine business to include industrial sewing machines. The industrial sewing machines were sold to cloth manufacturing companies in Canada.

From his childhood, Mark was intrigued with innovative small tools and was often on the lookout for opportunities to develop a venture that would be successful in the Canadian and US markets. He could use his brand name to direct and establish loyalty. As a result, Mark could test the appliance and develop innovative tools at home. His objective was to replace the inexpensive sweepers and steamers that have been in existence in the market since invention but has very minimal change. He aimed at producing cleaning tools that could shift from the use of toxic products to cleansing steam. He had babies and kids in mind during his innovation because he wanted babies to play on a toxic-free kitchen floor. As a result, he created highly effective and long-lasting innovative cleaning products.  With the assistance of his parents, Max and Aviva, Mark founded Euro-pro. Euro-pro is a business that builds innovative and appealing kitchen and household solutions. The first items were sold under the company’s brand name and had Italymade ironic systems. The steam pressers followed home sewing machines and later food appliances. The company hit $1 million

in sales in its first full fiscal year in 1996. Euro-Pro North America expanded and added more appliances under the Shark brand. The company added vacuum cleaners under the shark brand alongside heated kitchen appliances. The appliances use unique high-performance mixing blades and the Bravetti and Euro-pro brands.

Mark innovated the powerful media and infomercial strategy used by Euro-pro to gain a large following and acceptance. The company sold high-quality products to retail partners after their appearance in national television commercials and shopping networks. Mark played a significant role as he hosted the speaking about the brand and the products. The sales of Euro-Pro hit $100 million in 2000 and $250 million by 2003. 

Max created the line of Shark steam mops with the help of his father in 2007. The innovation caused a significant growth in Euro-pro sales to over $400 million in 2009. In the 2009 fiscal year, Mark Barracas joined Euro-Pro as the president. Together, Mark and Mar focused on innovative product development and a high-quality manufacturing process, which included adding more products to Ninja kitchen appliances and vacuum cleaners. By the fiscal year 2013, the company reached gross sales of $1 billion.

Mark’s brother, Stanley, joined Mark in Euro-Pro between 2003 and 2006. Stanly Rosenzweig graduated from Harvard with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 1991. Stanley has expertise in working will large multinational companies. He had also marketed appliances under proprietary names of various brands. Stanley joined Euro-Pro to held Mark move the business to Boston and assist in restructuring to attain next-level business success.

Mark is a creator and businessman who get the zeal for creation through passion. His enthusiasm has enabled him to come up with long-lasting innovation, which he has patented since 2003. For instance, Patent 7303613 was for an innovative filter sensor and vacuum cleaner indicator. Patent 7341611 was for deep fryer basket and food products cooking methods, and patent 7341611 were for a compact cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner. Mark sometimes patents his innovations individually while others as part of an innovative team. Mark Rosenzweig then changed the name of Euro-Pro to SharkNinja in 2015. The name was changed to capitalize on the prominence and popularity of the brand name. SharkNinja is dedicated to engineering 5-star products that exceed its client’s expectations. The company is

based in Needham, Massachusetts, outside Boston. SharkNinja has two major brands, Shark and Ninja. Shark mainly focuses on the production of vacuum cleaner products and similar devices. Ninja focuses on kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, blenders, and multicookers. SharkNinja has grown rapidly over the years to increase its vacuum line under the ‘Shark’ brand name. The company also launched a full line of kitchen gadgets, including cookers and blenders under the Ninja brand. The coffeemaker, known as the Ninja Coffee bar, is one of the cutting-edge products that the company has created. These products are distributed through physical stores and online to its clients across the world. The company experience business rivalry from Dyson Ltd, a famous British company for its range of vacuum cleaners. Today, SharkNinja has more than 1000 employees and has sales of over $2 billion. Besides, SharkNinja has offices in ten counties and over 550 patents, selling over 150 products. 

When out of office, Mark engages in philanthropic activities. He supports various charitable organizations. However, he is specifically interested in medical research areas. He has worked with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Mass General Hospital, and the American Heart Association. He also makes sure he is physically fit by engaging in physical exercises such as biking, tennis, and skiing.